Belgian agri-food ready for Anuga 2019

From 4 to 9 October 2019, the world’s food sector will once again be welcomed to Cologne. VLAM will be there, together with 37 export companies of Belgian meat, dairy, poultry and rabbit, in three different pavilions. Traditionally, the sector plays an important role in the economy of Flanders, the northern half of Belgium. In 2018, Flemish companies exported goods worth 328 billion euros. Around 13.2% of those exports were agri-food products. Flanders is not just a major food producer for itself, its food specialties are also prized in the neighbouring countries and even far beyond Europe. So naturally the Belgian suppliers of meat, poultry, rabbit and dairy will be there at Anuga 2019.

Beef and pork: quality and customised service
In 2018, Belgium produced 1.07 million tonnes of pork of which 816,609 tonnes were exported, a growth of 3% compared to 2017. The main markets for Belgian pork are Germany (29%) and Poland (27%), which is consolidating its second position after an export increase of no less than 22% compared to 2017.
In 2018, Belgium produced 277,000 tonnes of beef and veal. The Belgian export of this category remained stable and represented a volume of 200,166 tonnes. 71% of the Belgian export was destined for the neighbouring countries, with the Netherlands (34%) leading the way, followed by France (20%) and Germany (17%).
Service, quality, freshness and a high return are the strengths of the Belgian meat supplier. Customised Belgian meat is thus perfect for the most diverse production processes. 25 Belgian meat suppliers will be present at Anuga in their trusted spot under the umbrella of the Belgian Meat Office of VLAM in hall 6, at stand E10. Visitors will be treated to fine dishes that Coovi, the Brussels hotel school, will prepare on site. To meet a Belgian supplier, make an appointment online via www.belgianmeat.com/event/anuga to avoid having to wait at the stand.

Dairy: Belgian production and export on the rise
Belgian dairy production is experiencing an upward trend thanks to the rising volumes of processed milk. Belgium is increasingly producing a great deal of fermented milk (251 million litres in 2018, a 22% increase) and dairy butter (60,547 tonnes in 2018, a 9% increase). The volumes of milk powder, too, are increasing (almost 225,000 tonnes in 2018, +7%); part is destined for the production of high-quality ingredients for baby food and the food industry. The production of drinking milk is also rising. All the categories together come to 849 million litres, whereby the increase by 0.6% is above all in skimmed and full-fat milk.
The Belgian export of dairy follows the rising line of production with an increase of 1.4% in 2018. Belgium exported last year almost 2.5 million tonnes of dairy products, representing a value of almost 4 billion euro. The main export products, in terms of value, are butter and milk fat, cheese and dairy preparations. Neighbouring countries the Netherlands (share of 24% in 2018), France (20%) and Germany (13%) are the main markets for Belgium and furthermore this is increasingly the case. Quite a few countries outside the EU (together worth a market share of 16% in 2018) also love Belgian dairy produce. Algeria and Indonesia, for example, are in the top 10 markets.
At the VLAM’s dairy stand you can meet four Belgian export companies (Hall 10, stand 031G): Belgian Butter Design, Inex, Kaasbrik and Olympia.

Belgian poultry: prized in neighbouring countries and in Africa
Belgium is characterised by a constant increase in poultry production, in 2018 the number of animals had increased by no less than 18% compared to 2017. Last year, 305 million chickens were slaughtered in Belgium.
In general, the Belgian export of poultry meat has a rising trend and in 2018 it represented around 557,131 tonnes. Within the sector, chicken meat is the main product, with neighbouring countries France and the Netherlands traditionally forming the main markets. In third place is Ghana, to which Belgian exports have risen sharply over the years. In 2018, Belgium exported 55,472 tonnes of poultry meat to Ghana, which was a 10% share of the Belgian export of poultry. The UK and Germany complete the top 5 Belgian markets; above all Germany is increasingly buying Belgian chicken (+16% compared to 2017). In addition to Ghana, other markets, mainly in Africa are also very interested in chicken. Over the years, DR Congo, Congo and Gabon have bought ever more product. The share of third countries rose by 11 percent over a period of ten years.
Six Belgian companies from the poultry sector are present at Anuga (Hall 9 - C41): Calibra, Cooreman, Klaasen & Co, Nollens, Paas Food Industries and Van-O-Bel.

Belgian rabbit popular in neighbouring countries and China
The Belgian export of rabbit has been fairly stable for years, a total of 5,102 tonnes in 2018. France, the Netherlands and Germany are the main markets with a joint share of 83%. It is noticeable that China is increasingly demanding Belgian rabbit and thus takes fourth place, having imported 384 tonnes in 2018: a 9% share of the total Belgian export of rabbit.
During Anuga you can meet two companies that export rabbit at the VLAM stand (Hall 9 - C41): Lonki and Van Assche.

Company news from Belgium

Meat company Cis Van den Broeck introduces Jocibeef and Jocipork
The products of Meat company / Freezing warehouse Cis Van den Broeck will henceforth be easy to recognise thanks to the eye-catching boxes of their new brands JOCIBEEF & JOCIPORK. These brands were specially designed for the global export or beef and pork products.
With this colourful packaging, the company is reacting to the demands of customers / countries with packaging with a major impact. In addition to the new packaging, the company has numerous other packaging possibilities. Food safety and constant packaging quality were also taken into account for the design.
www.cisvandenbroeck.eu - Hall 6 – E 10

Dhagrameat introduces lard artificial tech
The company Dhagrameat, specialised in processing pork back fat, is launching a user-friendly lard artificial tech on the basis of natural pork fat, chicken fat or 100% vegetable oil. The innovation is heatproof and can be used both for fresh products such as skewers, tournedos, roasts and pork olives as well as cooked products such as paté and head cheese.
Dhagrameat can produce this lard artificial tech at a stable price in accordance with various specifications (e.g. QS, BLK, etc.) and to any size with a constant thickness of 2.5 mm to 6 mm.
www.dhagrameat.be - Hal 6 – E 10

Inex culinary cream: the new cream sensation with 20% less fat
Belgian dairy producer Inex has expanded its dairy range with an innovative top product: a culinary cream with only 20% fat content, made on the basis of Belgian meadow milk. The milk comes from farms where the cows are out in the meadows for at least 6 hours a day, at least 120 days a year. So meadow milk not only contributes to the cows’ wellbeing, it also has an authentic flavour.
Chefs looking for the ideal cream to prepare soups and sauces will find Inex’s culinary 20% cream the perfect ally. Despite the lower fat content, the cream binds and thickens sauces perfectly, with a rich creamy flavour as a result.
With this cream, Inex has found the ideal balance between flavour, functionality and shelf-life. The handy, environmentally-friendly packaging is partly responsible for this.
Chefs will greatly appreciate the optimum ease of use and minimum product loss.
www.inex.be - Hal 10 - 031 G

Kaasbrik aims at the pizza market with Mozzaiolo
With its new product, Mozzaiolo, Kaasbrik is launching a grated pizza cheese on the market as a high-quality but far less expensive alternative to the well-known Mozzarella. The 2 kg packaging is ideal for pizza restaurants for whom this product is meant. With this innovation, Kaasbrik is aiming at the rising European markets and more distant destinations such as the Middle East and Asia. The product is Halal-certified and outside the EU may be marketed as ‘Mozzarella modified with vegetable fat’. After all, Mozzaiolo is produced in a similar way to Mozzarella, except that the butter fat is replaced vegetable fat. Since the production process is the same, Mozzaiolo has the same properties (appearance, stretch and flavour) as real Mozzarella.
www.kaasbrik.com - Hal 10 - 031 G

Olympia launches new range of desserts
Dairy specialist Olympia is presenting new dairy desserts to meet the demand for delicious, healthy desserts.
• Caramel pudding: a velvety pudding, blended with caramel
• Panna cotta to decorate with a raspberry or fruit coulis. Quick and easy.
• Bio rice pudding, made from organic ingredients.
• Lactose-free rice pudding made from lactose-free milk.
www.olympiadairy.be - Hal 10 - 031 G