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VLAM at Gulfood Dubai 2018
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Seven Belgian dairy companies embody the message of the European campaign ‘White gold’: Agral, Belourthe, Castle Dairy, Kaasbrik, Milcobel, Olympia and Solarec. Together, they offer a wide range of dairy specialties, with focus on quality, sustainability, traceability and nutritional values. At Gulfood, they present their newest products, adapted to the demands of the market. Discover them at the WHITE GOLD- booth of VLAM in Hall: 1 Stand: E1-2.F1-1, website : www.whitegoldfromeurope.eu


AGRAL is a Belgian factory specialized in the butter business since more than 30 years with a high level of skills in the field. Their production capacity of over 20.000 tons per year and the flexibility of its structure enable AGRAL Butter to provide a fast response to customer requirements, with a wide product range available, from 7 g up to 25 kg. 

AGRAL Butter implements a highly successful policy of investment, research and development to enable it to enlarge its butter range continuously with innovative butter products. AGRAL’s technology is unique in Europe at the moment. As example what they have in their range : Light butter, lactose free butter, spreadable butter, organic butter, flavored butter ….

Company’s website : http://www.agral.be/en

Baby milk

BELOURTHE is the biggest European player for the production of infant cereals and infant milk formula’s and is exporting already to more than 70 countries.

This enabled the company’s clients to source both of these lines from the same plant. BELOURTHE can adapt its baby milk formulations according to the regulations and requirements of each market, and to its client’s goals.

At Gulfood, BELOURTHE is presenting the infant nutrition line including an Organic range, with a focus on its baby milk for every stage of child development.

Company’s website : http://www.belourthe.be/

UHT Milk, Butter and Milkpowder

In SOLAREC, we work hard to bring a better life to our farmers.

Located in Belgian Ardennes, in the heart of Europe, SOLAREC is a key industrial & commercial entity driven by the cooperative spirit of its shareholders.

We offer the best of the milk to the world : We process 1,25 billion liters of milk, 90.000 tons of milk powders, 40.000 tons of butter and 200.000.000 liters of UHT milk.

Company’s website : https://www.solarec.be/HP/HPInternetSolarec.aspx?langue=en

High quality milkpowders, mozzarella, butter, milkdrinks

The structure and the activities of MILCOBEL are based on a cooperative model, with almost 2.600 affiliated dairy-farmer members. The organization has a broad product range, which includes high-quality milk powders, milk drinks, butter, cream, ice cream and cheese, available under MILCOBEL’s own brand names INCO, BINCO and INCOLAC. At Gulfood, the organization is highlighting its milk powders and fat filled powders in 25kg bags and portion-packs, and its mozzarella in blocks and single loaves.

Company’s website : https://milcobel.com/dpi/?lang=en


KAASBRIK supplies ready-to-use shredded cheeses worldwide, including varieties like mozzarella, cheddar, emmental, gouda …. KAASBRIK’s ‘Smart in Cheese’ solutions offer packaging sizes from 100g up to 4kg. Mozzarella for pizza is the firm’s specialty, and the 100% shredded mozzarella can be discovered at Gulfood, alongside the new product, Mozzaiolo.

Company’s website : https://www.kaasbrik.com/en/

UHT cream, ice mixes and milkshake

As a renowned family dairy-producer in the south of Brussels, OLYMPIA wants to inspire its business-to-business (B2B) customers with a varied selection of products that are prepared with the company’s self-collected meadow milk. Olympia is the specialist in liquid ice-cream mixes and milkshakes. Thanks to its modern infrastructure, OLYMPIA can invest in innovations to meet market demands. We are Halal certified. At Gulfood, the company is presenting its 40% and 35% UHT cream, and 20% culinary cream in PE bottles and BIB. OLYMPIA is also showcasing its wide range of new ice mixes, and milkshakes in different flavours, in BIB 10 kg packaging.

Company's website: https://www.olympiadairy.be/en

In-house commodities and blends

CASTLE DAIRY® is a dried dairy supplier that produces in-house commodities and blends for a large range of food industries. The experience in dried dairy goes back to 1934 and has led to a global operating enterprise, rooted in the middle of Belgium’s dairy heart; Hombourg, in the land of Herve, close to Germany and The Netherlands.  

CASTLE DAIRY® has an international network of producers and partners resulting in an impressive line of products that are used in food processing industries such as bakery, ice-cream, cheese, chocolate, beverage, convenience, sports, nutrition, yoghurt, vending, sauce and meat. 

Further important features are the capability to make tailor-made blends in cooperation with their clients and the possibility to ship consolidated containers.

For a list of all products take a look at www.castledairy.com 


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